These are the brains behind this beautiful company

Compass Photonics was founded in 2019 as a result of an already fruitful collaboration between VanderHoekPhotonics and Compass since 2015. VanderHoekPhotonics brings over 30 years of experience, ideas and passion for photonics to the table. With work on the Hubble space telescope, neutrino telescope, submarine hydrophones and revolutionary sensor technology for measuring train wheel quality to name just a few. Visit VanderHoekPhotonics to find out more.

Compass has worked for Rijkswaterstaat and various other high-end customers on integrated projects from design and engineering to installation and maintenance. Projects at the Uniper energy plant, the Maeslantkering, the traffic signalling installation from the van Brienenoord to the Tunnel de Noord built our skills over the years.
Visit the Compass website to learn more about us.

We believe that the system integrator-, installation-, and project management skills of Compass combined with the photonics innovation skills of VanderHoekPhotonics is the complete package needed for any challenge you might have. We will bridge the gap between your challenge and reliable data.

Henri van Dommele


"Imagination is more important than knowledge, said Einstein."

For our Compass Photonics team, not even the sky is the limit. Our patented technology (photonic-based sensoring) realizes solutions outside the usual frameworks. Challenge our team to optimize your business and we will bridge your gap between the physical world and reliable data.

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Marinus J. van der Hoek MSc., BSc., Eur Ing

Photonics Innovator

"Photonics as enabling technology acts as a catalyst and permanent drive for Compass Photonics to innovate."

Photonics is the answer to so many questions coming from a broad spectrum of fields, that I believe an innovative solution is always possible.

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Ruben van Ardenne

Strategy I Innovation

"We convert future visions into concrete actions."

I firmly believe that we must learn to be flexible in our thinking. If you hold on to what you are doing today and how you are doing your job today, you will look around you at some point and see that the rest of the world has moved in a different direction.

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Elwin van der Hoek

Design | Innovation

"I strive to come up with ideas that no one has ever seen or heard of."

Solving tomorrows problems by harnessing the oldest and most reliable powers of the universe. We collaborate with light in all our solutions and sensors, and by listening to her well enough we are able to find the data our clients need for their business. We thrive to always exceed expectations about photonics by enriching the laws of physics with innovative technology backed by our collective decades of proven experience.

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Ron de Waard

Head of Commerce & Contracts

"Do you want to know what Compass Photonics has to offer you? Please do not hesitate to contact me!"

The world is changing at a rapid pace. No two days are the same and that is what makes our work so challenging. The best thing is to positively surprise our clients. We show that Compass is an involved party that is able to convert changes in opportunities.

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Marike Doedens


"Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity - not a threat (Steve Jobs)."

The Compass Photonics team has answers to new issues such as sustainability, structural health monitoring of assets and safety. Our patented photonic technology-based sensor technology is applicable in almost every industry. Challenge us!

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Cynthia de Koning

Manager Human Resources

"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking (Henry Ford)."

That’s how we work. Always deliver high quality and striving to do better and improve ourselves the next time. Do you want to be part of our Compass Photonics team?  Can you add value to our team? Are you the best or strive to be the best in our field? Do you want to improve every day? We can offer you a safe, enjoyable and inspiring working environment that encourages personal development. We value teamwork, sharing experience and a pleasant working atmosphere very highly, because we believe that these are essential to excellent performance and high quality.

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