Reliable data in critical environments

“I hear IOT is the way to go, but your sensors got wires to it?“

Everything seems to be IOT nowadays, and of course it is. What device isn’t connected to the internet? The Internet Of Things (IOT) is a technical philosophy in which everything is connected to the world wide web hence easy to access everywhere and on any device. Providing the asset owner and platform manager loads of data. But there are some challenges.

The challenges with IOT (wireless low end sensors):

  • Cyber security
  • Battery life
  • Stable data quality in harsh conditions
  • Robustness
  • Limited package volume
  • Long term stability

High-end reliable data

So what if you want a stable and highly accurate sensor system that is intrinsically safe and doesn’t need any energy on the point of sensing? Photonics-based sensing is the way to go. The sensing part is immune to radiation or moisture and can withstand a wide range of temperature variation. With the optical wire as basis a meriad of applications is possible.

Advantages of photonics based sensing:

  • Easy to cover large distance
  • Immune to electromagnetic currents/radiation
  • Great temperature range –235 to +400 degrees
  • Low energy consumption
  • Cyber secure
  • No energy needed on sensing location (passive sensing)
  • Flexible both in form and application
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Great dynamic range

The marriage between IOT and Photonics

You want to know everything there is to know about your assets, but you don’t want a million km’s of cable to be burried in the ground. There is hope. Although the sensing bit needs to be wired the active equipment can be connected wireless to transport the data to the world wide web. This could be thru a local network to your operating system or directly to the internet and to your cloud solution.

Together with your expert opinion we want to bridge the gap between the physical world and reliable data.

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