Intelligent Gasket

How do we predict flange failure? Did we bolt the flange right? How is the pressure distribution of objects on the surface to the underlaying construction? The unique design of this generic transducer allows the user to measure pressure or compression with light. The parameters are tunable by design. This allows a wide variety of applications, ranging from pressure only to detection of carbohydrates and electrical currents. The international institute ITIS in Goes validated the measurements, we are looking forward to any challenge you might have for this design.

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Angle Eye

It is like Lego, you build your castle, we provide the stones. This proven, patented, and field-tested transducer element can accurately measure acceleration, vibration, tilt and many other parameters. The design makes it easy to produce small and light but also large and bulky when needed for certain industries. Check out the video of the testing procedure.

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Hydraulic pressure sensor

Want to know the liquid level in a tank? The difference between the density of a liquid within 1% margin? Then this is your tool: this sensor concept uses a membrane which responds to (hydraulic)pressure. Placing multiple sensors strategically enables the user to calculate the density of a liquid and as a result, the liquid level, distinct the different types of liquid and the separation faces between the two. As a side effect, this sensor also measures the temperature. This concept is tested in a live setting for one of the largest liquid bulk storage companies in the world.