Mission and Vision

Developing technology that gives you data. 

We are a global operating developer of photonics-based sensing technology, an enabling technology for the acquisition, analysis, and implementation of large quantities of accurate and reliable data. Essential for optimization of your business. We facilitate data harvesting, bridging the gap between the physical world, and reliable data. 


Compass Photonics was founded in 2019 as a result of an already fruitful collaboration between VanderHoekPhotonics and Compass since 2015. VanderHoekPhotonics brings over 30 years of experience, ideas and passion for photonics to the table. With work on the Hubble space telescope, neutrino telescope, submarine hydrophones and revolutionary sensor technology for measuring train wheel quality to name just a few.

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Compass has worked for Rijkswaterstaat and various other high-end customers on integrated projects from design and engineering to installation and maintenance. Projects at the Uniper energy plant, the Maeslantkering, the traffic signalling installation from the van Brienenoord to the Tunnel de Noord built our skills over the years. 

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We believe that the system integrator-, installation-, and project management skills of Compass combined with the photonics innovation skills of VanderHoekPhotonics is the complete package needed for any challenge you might have. We will bridge the gap between your challenge and reliable data. 


Compass designs and works on vital infrastructure networks. These serve activities that are so vital to society, that failure or disruption leads to social disruption or even threatens safety. Often there are high risks due to the complex environment on an activity that is active 24/7. During maintenance or new construction, the ongoing activity must take place unhindered. For example the delta works, or world exchange related data connections in the financial heart of London. Or, traffic or security systems in industry or along the high speed road network. We anticipate these risks of harm in advance, so that the works go right first time. Complex activities thus simply become flawlessly running: making the complex simple.