One step ahead

Customer story Voestalpine

How do you know you pay your fair share? To compensate for the damage your car makes to the road, you pay taxes. The rate is based on an assumption in combination with weight and power of your car. On the railway track this is a bit more sophisticated.

Each train has a different impact on the rail due to the shape of the wheels, weight, axle condition, number of axles and balance. Based on that impact the taxes and maintenance can be determined per train and for that specific piece of track. 

Voestalpine is leading the way for over 160 years in engineering production and monitoring of railways and trains. In their drive to always be one step ahead they use the accuracy and reliability Photonics-based sensing offers. For many years Voestalpine used the advantages of photonics, to stay ahead their current system needed a upgrade.

Compass Photonics added just one little lego block enabeling Voestalpine a significant accuracy and relieability leap forward. We are proud to work together on tuning this ‘lego block’ and implement this in a lot of other industries and applications.

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